Sunday, February 15, 2009

Before, After and Before


Strange title I know, but this is a multi purpose post.. so let's start out with the first before. Here in this picture you see me in the "Before" as in, before I gained weight. No fat face, or extra chin haha...back when I was slim and trim and long hair. Ok, that takes care of the first "Before" now to the after part of my story.. and one of my multi purposes for this post.


As many of you know, this week was my birthday, and for my birthday my sister wanted to treat me to a "Just Patty Day".. She had been praying and asking God what should she do for me, and he told her.. just do for her. Give her a makeover, she needs it, she needs some pick me up and I want to bless her.. So that's what my sister did. She set it up for me to get my hair done, a facial and take me shopping. And I have to say, for me it was hard to receive. I can give much better than I can receive.. but we went and got my hair done, my facial and a new set of clothes. We had a wonderful day and to tell the truth, I told my sister, I don't know what to say other than thank you, and I began to cry in the store.. It touched my heart so that God wanted to bless just me, and used my sister to do it. It was an over-whelming feeling.

But as you can see, I have gained weight, that extra chin haha.. but now with short hair. (and yes, I have had short hair before) and this brings me to my "Before, After and BEFORE

This is now my new Before pic because after looking at myself and seeing how much I have gained, I plan on loosing weight haha.. so this is me BEFORE haha. I am going to go back to the slim person (or as close as I can get) that I once was. I felt better, had more energy and my clothes fit better haha.. so This is me now, but by summer, I'll be a different person.

I'm not planning on any crash diets, or fads, just back to basic good eating, not eating after 5 pm. and back to my walking and exercise. And when summer rolls around, I'll take a new AFTER picture haha.. and post that..

So now, you see me Before, After and Before!

And to my sister, I love you very much and thank God for the blessing you gave me for my birthday and for the fact that you listened to the lord and followed his will!!

Sisters Forever!

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  1. What a sweet sister you have, Patty. I have brothers, so I do not have that girly-sisterly thing. You are surely blessed. 8^)