Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What have you done for your marriage today?

Something I heard on the news, or radio or tv, can’t remember which it was.. but what I heard got me to thinking.. “What have you done for your marriage today?”.. well, I began thinking.. What had I done for my marriage today?

I have been so busy working, taking care of kids, church, school, and tons of other things, that sometimes I forget about my marriage. Somehow we seem to think that our running, cooking, cleaning, washing, tending to kids and everything else is part of our marriage.. when it’s not. Those things are a product of our marriage, but our marriage is between the two of us.

It’s the time we take out for each other, the things we used to do to show each other we care.. what did we do before and just after we got married? Hmmmm let’ see.. he used to take me to the movies, just him and I, we used to just get in the car and go riding and talking.. some times he would just get me a card, or I would just snuggle up to him. But in the midst of things we somehow have lost that.

Do we still love each other? Very much so… but somehow in the middle of growing with each other, we have somehow lost those little things between each other. We have gotten away from all those little things we used to do.

Now, I did go to hubby and ask him.. what do I do for you? And he’s like, well.. you clean, cook, do my wash, take care of Jessie… I said I know I do those things.. but what do I do for YOU to complete you? Well, he had to stop and say…… hmmmm haha.. now he’s not a man that does well with telling feelings and mushy stuff haha.. but he let me know how he feels. So I told him, ya know, we need to do something for our marriage each and every day.. something that shows each other how we feel. Doesn’t have to be anything major but just something.

So the next day I called him at work and just told him.. you know, I sure do love you. He’s like, I love you too.. now I tell him all the time, but it was a bit different this time. With more excitement hahaha.. and believe it or not, he heard that in my voice and it made a difference on how he told me he loved me back.

So now, instead of thinking that cooking, cleaning and all that stuff I do is saying I love you (and it does) I will stop and think each day of some little something I can do just for him.. something that says something between just the two of us and not for everyone else.

Why? Because this is the person that I will be growing old with, the one who will set back with me when everyone else is gone.. This is the person that God sent to me after a life of hell at times.. this was my best friend in high school and it took many years later for us to meet up again and have the life we have now. I loved him back in school and I love him now…. And want to show what he does to complete me. In spite of his quirks and things he can do to annoy me, I still love him.

So today and every day I will find some little something to do for MY Marriage and make it better each and every day.

What have you done for your marriage today?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas At My Daughters

Well, Christmas this year was a bit different for us. This year is the first time in my adult life that I have been away from home. And I have to say, it was nice. No running and trying to get so much done, no worrying about cooking, baking, cleaning the kitchen and stuff.. It was different, but fun.

This year we spent it at my oldest daughters home. And we had a wonderful time. We spent the evening eating pizza, watching movies, spent some time with my 3 step grand daughters before they had to go home. I made them blue jean purses.... and they loved them haha.. of course I have grand daughters and jess (my 13 yr old) who love what they now call.. retro haha.. wasn't retro when I used it haha.. but I fixed them up some funky purses filled with goodies.

Then Christmas day we got together with my SIL's dad and step mom.. love those people and so much fun to be around. We opened gifts, and a nice Christmas breakfast that Melissa fixed.. then we just hung out until time to visit more family.

Well, the more family was my oldest daughters dad and new step mom.. Yes, it was a bit different, but I got to meet Melissa's new step mom Leigh Ann and she's a wonderful person. She cares for Melissa very much and treats her with love. His second wife didn't do that... so I am very grateful to Leigh Ann for loving Melissa like she does. Yes, at first it was a bit strange spending Christmas with your ex-husband and new wife haha.. but I did get to see other family members and I had such a great time visiting with Pam. (my ex-SIL) whom I just love and miss so much! And I got to spend time with Melissa's other sisters and brother.. I am close to them as well and love seeing them when I can. Marty and Leigh Ann made us feel very welcomed in their home.. and Marty and I get along pretty good and so does Walter and Marty. We have learned to put old things aside and do what needs to be done for our children.. even with them grown into adults now, we still work together.
Things and time have a way of bringing changes in your life and we all learn and grow from them. So yes, our Christmas was a bit different this year, but one I wouldn't change.

Jessica Opening Gifts

meilssa's Chrsitmas Tree

Everyone enjoying breakfast after opening presents

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What would they think?

some days I have more on my mind than just business. I think of many things throughout my day... what I have to do next, about my kids, hubby, what God says about me.. just all sorts of things.

So, I figure I will write about it here.

like today, I was out shopping with my daughter, trying to finish up a few Christmas things.. and I look at all the people around me shopping. Buggy's full of toys, gifts, food.. and I wonder, Lord.. is anyone thinking of you? Is anyone thinking.. ya know, we should just spend this day without all the gifts, toys and such and just celebrate Jesus. Now, I'm sure there are some, but how many? Guess that's something I will never know.

Do I love Santa, YES.. very much so.. but I look at him as the spirit of giving.. And I have found that over they years I look at the holiday different. The kids are grown or teens and I wonder, what would they do if I said.. this year, let's not do gifts, but just a dinner and celebrate Jesus? I'm sure most of them would say.....no way!! We want the stuff... and how sad is that... it takes getting things to celebrate the day of Christs birth.

One thing I know, they will get older and they will come to the place and time in life that I'm at and say..... you know, we should just celebrate what they day is truly about and that's about the one who was born to die. The one who came to give me life.

Do I think everyone will agree with me, no, certainly not.. but I do know at one point and time we all ask.. why do we stress so much? why do we put ourselves through all this? And they will want to spend this time celebrating LIFE and the simple Joy the day can bring.

What is my prayer for everyone today?
For them to see the joy of the day and how just being together can bring so much to our hearts.

"Oh Holy Night"
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of the dear Saviour's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining'
Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees,
oh hear the angel voices

Oh night divine,
Oh night when Christ was born

Oh night divine, Oh night
Oh night devine