Sunday, March 8, 2009

Was She An Angel?

Today at church our pastor made a statement. He said, the word of God holds power, and when we tell people about.. say.. like the day we were saved those words still hold the power of God in them. The very thing that drew us to God, can still draw someone else to him. So instantly it came to my mind about the day that I got saved and how it all happened.

I was about 13 yr. Old when it happened. I was going to a church with some friends of mine and their mom played piano and lord could that lady make that piano sing. And I had been going to church with them for some time. Now, I don’t know how I knew there was more to God all my life, I just knew that I knew and that I had to find it. Well, my friends and their mom invited me to a revival that their grandparents was having up in El Dorado, Arkansas. And my mom said I could go. It was going to be several days, and it was my first ever revival to go to. Now, I wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen, but I was so excited and I just knew something exciting was going to happen.

Well, we arrive at their grandparent’s home and that night we got ready and went to the revival. It was being held in a community center type building with stage and all. So when we arrived, there were many other people and teens there. And I was having fun just meeting everyone. There were young and old, middle age and babies.. just all walks of life there. But, not long after I got there, their was this much older lady.. gray hair and she wore those old heavy knit dresses. Now, this was back in the 70’s so many of the older ladies wore stuff like that. But, this lady began to talk to me.

Now, me being a teen, I wanted to socialize with all the other kids, but this one lady kept finding me wherever I would go. I would go to the bathroom and she was there, I would walk around other teens and she would be there right behind me and she would ask, are you going to get saved tonight? I looked at her and said… I don’t know, I love the Lord, but I just didn’t know if I was that night or not. No matter where I went, she was there.

Now after 2 days of this, I’m like, why is this lady following me around? Who is she, what does she want from me? Why is she always there no matter where I turn.. I asked my friends and they would just say.. I don’t know who she is. but somehow I could just feel her around me.. and poof.. there she would be.. right over my shoulder and asking me.. Are you going to get saved tonight? And I would look at her again and say.. I don’t know.

This went on for several days and on the last night of the revival as I listened to the pastor.. God was dealing with me. He was the whole time, but I just had to process it all. And at the end of service, I said Yes Lord, I will accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And I jumped up and took off to the front. Now, back then when you gave your heart to the lord, they would take you to a room and talk to you, and then pray for you and lead you in the sinners prayer. Well, when I done this I was so excited. Such a joy filled me and all I could do was beam with this wonderful new feeling. Such excitement filled my heart. Well, when I came out from the back I began looking for that lady.

I looked all over the building, I searched the ladies room, I looked outside, and I asked my friends.. hey, where did that gray haired lady go? And they looked at me and said.. what gray haired lady? I said, you know.. that lady that followed me all over the place for the last 4 days. And they looked at me in amazement and said, we didn’t see any gray haired lady.. I said you had too, she was the lady that followed me all over the place, you know that lady who wore that gray dress… with short gray hair. She’s the one that kept asking me, Are you going to get saved tonight? You had to see her, she’s the one I kept asking you about. She stood right here with us? But still they insisted they didn’t know who I was talking about.

Well, I wanted to find her and say.. I did it.. I accepted Jesus tonight.. and I wanted to share my joy with her.. but I never did find her. One minute she was there and the next gone.

Now, over the years I would ponder on this. But one day it hit me.. could God have sent an angel just for me? no one knew her, no one I was with said they seen here.. but yet, every place I went, she was there. And the very second I wanted to rush to her and say.. I did It, I did it.. she was gone.

For me, I say she was. I think God loved me so much, and wanted me so bad, and wanted to change my life that he sent an angel just for me. One who would keep pointing me in the direction that he wanted me to go. One that would stand by me until he knew that I was were I was supposed to be, and that was in the arms of the Lord.

For me, that gray haired lady, in that gray knit dress, was and always will be an angel

Have you seen your angel?


  1. Hi Patty,

    Yep, she definitely was an angel! Great post!

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    God bless you and your family,

    Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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  2. Patty, what a wonderful story! God is so amazing in how he works on us. What a blessing you had in that special mystery lady. Thank you for sharing your story!

    Please check out my blog if you have time, and I love comments!