Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

Where or where did the time go?? She has gone from my curly headed little girl to a young lady and the time has just flew by.
My baby is growing up and today was her very first Valentine date. Yes, that is her guy friend haha.. brad and he is just so nice. So very polite and caring. He treats Jessie like a lady.
Today she went to the movies with Bradly and his mom and dad, and then out to eat. I know she had so much fun and was a bit nervous at first about it.
I just wish I could slow time down and keep her little and with me forever but I know that's not going to happen haha.. I miss the little tiny hands patting my face, giving me kisses and hugging my neck.. but I know as she grows older and we get past that.. mom doesn't know anything stage.. we'll be good friends.
I just stand in amazement at how she's growing and hope and pray all the time that I'm teaching her the very best I can and creating a beautiful young woman.
Happy Valentines Day to Jessie and Bradly.

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