Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh what to write..

well, so much has been going on here the past few weeks, not sure where to begin haha
but I'll give it a shot.

First, my oldest daughter and SIL are staying with us for awhile. My SIL lost his job that he has had for 6 years or so.. it was a blow, but we have been knowing that change was coming. How? well.. God had been revealing things to us and showing us things were about to change.

They come and stay with us and I love when they are here. Seeing they live 2 hr. away from me, and I would much rather keep them close to me haha.. it's a mother thing haha. But we know everything will turn out just fine because we know God has his hand on their lives. We have a lot of fun when all of us are together and it just makes me feel complete having them here.

Second, Jessie has a new guy-friend haha.. I know, she's 13 and boys are starting to really look at her. This is her second guy-friend in her life LOL.. now you would have to know jessie. She's not one for drama at all. If all the girls are having the normal girl drama things going on.. she just walks off haha.. and she doesn't like all the boy friend - girl friend dram too. She's kinda like me, talk to me normal, tell me straight up front and don't play games haha. Now, can she be a dram queen when she wants....... oh yes, you bet!! Don't get her started.. and hubby knows just how to push those buttons haha. but as for others drama.. she's not into that. But, back to the new guy-friend... he's so nice and polite and loves going to church with us. She's walking on cloud nine! haha.. and so am I, being I ALWAYS pray for christian friends, boyfriends and husbands for my daughters. So yes, I'm pretty happy! Next time he's over i'll get a pic of them and post.

As for me, I have been busy working on a new website, getting that ready and up on the net. I feel better now that I have that done. Just have to work on tweaking it some, but I like it. haha..

Plus I had to make a trip to the doctor Tuesday.. I know my shoulder and back is healed, but I had to go ahead and keep my appointment cause they were taking me as a new patient and didn't want to miss out getting set in there haha.. but they checked me out, and gave me stuff for swelling.. so I feel better now.

So life around here has been pretty normal with the things that keep you busy like, cleaning, cooking, running, kids, husband, church and all that stuff... not to much of that - things that make you go hmmm....? well, I have had a few haha.. and will take time soon to write about that haha.. but for today, it's just a normal day at the Dooley's home haha.. and to tell the truth.. It feels good.

So for me, I just wish you a blessed day and pray that your life is just as normal as ours.
ohhh and if you want to check out my new site.. you can haha it's


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