Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Feel So Much Better!

Well, as most didn't even know, I had been having problems with my left shoulder, arm, neck and chest. Some time ago I had a muscle pop in my shoulder blade and man..if felt like someone took a rubber band and just hit me.

Well, I went to the doctor about a year ago.. they gave me some meds and I took a few. Now, I'm not real big on taking any meds if I can get away with it. I try more natural ways when I can... well.. the last few months it has steady gotten worse. So much so that I couldn't turn my head, I had to turn my whole body.. and the last month or so has been real bad. So I had started taking the meds cause of the pain.

Well, last Friday I called into our local radio station at the prayer hour. It's hosted by my pastor.. so I called in and told him, Pastor Ben, this time it's me that needs prayer.. so we prayed. I was still in pain, but I knew God was healing me.

Well, Monday night I went to Monday Night Prayer and they asked who needs prayer.. well, I ran down from my sound board and said.. me, me! haha.. Pastor Ben said ok patty, we'll pray for you again at the end of service.

Well, I took my keyboard downstairs and left it in the sound with Bonnie and I sat with my hubby in the back. While setting there I was in so much pain and couldn't set still. So at the end of service, Pastor Ben said.. patty, come up here and we're going to pray. So I got up and went.

He called me and another member and we both stood there.. he began to laugh.. and kept saying, ok, this is strange.. but I'm gonna do it.. and kept asking me, are you ready?? I'm like...well yes haha. So he says, raise your hands to the lord, and I did, and I closed my eyes praying. Well, the next thing I know Pastor Ben was putting a bear hug on me, picked me up and jerked me and set me back down! haha

Well, I couldn't do anything but laugh! LOL.. I thought I was going to roll on the floor laughing haha.. I sat back down by Pastor Tammie, (his wife) and we, as the whole church was just laughing. hahaha We have never seen Pastor Ben do anything like that hahaha.. and then it hit me, Oh God, I hope he didn't himself picking me up that way.. and I'm still just laughing haha

Well, about 10 min. later I'm setting there and I realized that I had NO Pain!! My shoulder wasn't burning, my neck wasn't hurting, I could move my shoulder.. it was AWESOME!! And to this day all I have is like bruised muscles.. but getting better. I have been able to get up and do what I need to do, drive to town with no pain and it's wonderful!!

But every time I think about it, I still laugh.. it was so funny but truly amazing at how God works to heal us. All I can say is...

Thank you Lord for healing me
Thank you Pastor Ben for doing what God tells you to do!!

Always let God do what he wants in your life, you never know how he will do it.. but he will!


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