Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's Been Almost A Year

Well, as you can tell from the title it's been almost a year since I have posted to this blog. May 18th to be exact. So many things have happened in our lives. Good things, bad things.. blessed things and more. It's been life around here as just like everyone else has.

For the past three years, Melissa and Bryan have been living in a little house right behind my house. It's tiny but they have managed to make the most of it and raise 2 kids there. With it being so tiny, we have been sharing the bathroom with 6 or more people every day! We have to work on a schedule for this. haha  In those several years, Kayah came to live with us. And now Shelbi has. It's been great having them. It's the typical teenage thing going on. So life can be interesting to say the least! Lol And in just a couple of weeks, Kayah will be graduating High School and then onto college! And Shelbi still has 3 years to go.
Kayah Sr. 2015

But, as of today Melissa and Bryan have purchased the house right behind us and I'm happy for them! It used to be my neighbor (Mrs. Virginia) but she passed away just over a year ago and the house has just been setting there empty. But through God's plan, Melissa and Bryan now have the home! And i'm looking forward to all the years of a new life they will make there. Not to mention I can see their side door from my dinning room window. haha But God is good and he worked this out for them!
Thank you Lord!
Melissa on her first day of her new house!
Getting ready to clean.

Also through this past year, my youngest daughter, Jessica graduated High School in 2014 and started Cosmetology. Her and Melissa both are in cosmetology. Jessie is doing grate in school and her and her boyfriend Shaun are still together. Shaun is in Welding School too. I'm praying for a bright future in the careers they have chosen for their lives.
Jessica on Graduation Day 2014

As for Walter and I, we are pretty good. Walter is Walter.. if you know him, you'll understand. ha ha He even started a new logging job last year. It's long hours on him, but he's holding up well. 

As for me, I'm doing ok. I had to quit my job again because of health issues, but I'm back into Tupperware and love it. And I'm even planning on going to the Tupperware Jubilee in August! I'm very excited! This should be so much fun!

But all in all, life is good here. Hard at times but as always, God is bringing us through it!

Be blessed and I will catch you up on more later.

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