Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love You Through It All

Sometimes being a mother is so hard. Sometimes you just want to scream and throw up your hands and say I can't do this any more! But then you stop, take a deep breath and realize that your child's life holds in the balance by what you do.

Then you realize you can't give up no matter how frustrating it gets. You continue to pray and you pray harder. You talk to God allot about every thing. You ask him.. Lord, what do I do? and he says.. just hang on.. and keep speaking My word over them.

So you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and you get right back on doing what God tells you. You realize that it's up to the words you pray over them that can make or break them.

You realize how hard it is on God at times being the father that he is. And then you begin to apologize to Him for all that you have done. And you say... Lord, what did you do when I acted like this??

He says...

I loved you through it ALL.

So you look at your child and say.... I will love you through it ALL.

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